June 27, 2013

Mind De-Coder launches it's own blog

Mind De-Coder is a long time weekly radio show on Waiheke Radio, a community radio station based on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Described by presenter El, as "a lysergically charged kaleidoscopic mix of psychedelia, acid folk, krautrock, hauntology, the occassional mash-up, mind-bending cosmic wig-outs and music that's fallen between the cracks" the show now has it's own detailed blog at http://minddecoder.blogspot.com. The blog gives extensive notes on all the tracks being played, and the podcast (which can be downloaded via a link that goes to the Waiheke Radio site) is a continuous mix usually coming in at just under two hours. I'm a big fan as El manages to mine the depths of the above mentioned genres, exposing listeners to an expansive array of music without getting in the way with announcements and track listings, etc. Great stuff to put on and get some work done on the computer I always think.

Mind De-Coder, tripped out music for the discerning head! minddecoder.blogspot.com

June 6, 2013

Independent Waiheke Island artist Bede Taylor releases 3rd solo album

Waiheke Island musician Bede Taylor has released his fourth album skinriddletestament on CD and digital download via Bandcamp - http://bedetaylor.bandcamp.com

Taylor was the founding member and primary songwriter for Three Legged Horse, an alt-country three piece from Waiheke Island that included local musicians Aaron Carpenter (MoJo Risers) and singer Gina Higham. Taylor previously fronted rock band Clench, as well as forming the large rock ensemble Tank & Pump. Recently, he has performed with a guitar band BunnyJak with Frankie Fatal (Fatal Jellyspace, Anti-X Factor) and Kevin Glamuzina (Tank & Pump) before going solo to write and record three albums, all available via Bandcamp.

skinriddletestament is Taylor’s fourth record and third as a solo artist. Taylor describes the songs on this album as “background noise infected, lyrically driven stories unhindered by the pursuit of perfectionist production values or the banality of seeking perfect pitch.” Taylor’s three solo releases delve deeply into the nature of our beliefs and the origins of emotion, and his sensitive lyrical compositions and sparse musical treatments surround the everyday in a form that invites closer attention.

Bede Taylor currently lives on Waiheke Island, New Zealand with his partner and five cats.

June 4, 2013

Last Libretto Music

I've wanted to start a record label for a long time. So I did. Certain things have coalesced around me to make this possible: good working relationships with musicians, the maturation of digital platforms, my own technical and digital marketing skills, my knowledge of the music industry particularly in the digital era; and so it seemed like an obvious next step up from what I was already doing for a few friends.

My label is called Last Libretto. It's a nod to the band my father was in as a young New Zealander, The Librettos (my son actually came up with the label name). I'm starting out by helping Auckland artists with digital releases via Bandcamp or Soundcloud; I create press releases and contact bloggers, I get the ISRC codes (International Standard Recording Code), and I help with the promotion and digital marketing, as well as the distribution to streaming services. I've found that while bands can do a lot of this themselves these days, it can be a lot of work, and there's a lot of specialist skills involved that I've acquired over the years but that many haven't got the time, or inclination to develop themselves. 

The first release for Last Libretto will be skinriddletestament in a few days time by Waiheke artist Bede Taylor, with hopefully more to come soon after that. Check out the page I've made for the label - http://lastlibretto.tumblr.com and get in touch if you're interested in what we're doing.  

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