November 15, 2007

Son of Country Mike Podcast #1

Yeeee Haaaawwww (and all that) ... finally out its the Son of Country Mike Podcast #1 ... for your listening pleasure. Its short it's swe... well, not really sweet, but ... well just download it and give it a go! You can get it here: Son of Country Mike Podcast #1 at least until they remove it for copyright violations or some such arcane legal skullduggery. The gist of Son of Country Mike podcasts are 3 songs, a couple of comments, all resulting in one podcast - not too much effort. #1 features a grand composition about anal sex and Evangelical preachers brought to you by the Portaland, Oregan band "I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House" followed closely by an Alex Chilton ditty about the Far East, and all wrapped up with a longish sea shanty(?) by the Akron/Family ... whats not to like about that?

November 6, 2007

Hoedown Closedown

Lets just say that that Hoedown is down, but not out. Read this for a bit of background: Sad Demise of the Beach written by a former DJ. At some point I'll be back, hopefully in the form of a newly created Waiheke Community Radio ... but until we can make this happen I'm probably going to start creating and posting some podcasts. I've started my first one already and hope to have it up by the end of the week. They're going to be called "Son of Country Mike" so keep an eye out here for note of the first one...

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