April 26, 2006

Contrast Podcast #4

The theme of this podcast was "quadraped" and your's truly submitted a rockin' bluesy little number by the Soledad Brothers called "Cage that Tiger" off of the "Voice of Treason" album. This podcast looks like it's going to be a great listen - all these songs about animals ... see that Matt from the Earfarm picked "Crocodiles" by Echo and the Bunnymen! one of my fav songs. To check out the podcast head over to Tim Youngs site and start downloading.

Soledad Brothers music dowloads: http://www.makeascene.net/band/soledadbrothers/music

1 comment:

Tim Young said...

Thanks again for another great choice.

Believe it or not I've already had to close the doors on submissions for CP5 .. this thing is getting popular. Hopefully we'll see you in CP6 or CP7!


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