April 10, 2013

Ron Franklin

I love it when online travels uncover some lone guy with a Fender strat who's been listening to Buddy Holly or Dylan and he's got the blues in his fingers and a mess of songs swimmin' around his head. Gotta thank the internet for that; in years gone by you would have had to have been in the right crossroad town at the right time. And how's this for a "how I got  turned on to music story" ...Ron Franklin told music journalist Denise Sullivan that he was introduced to Memphis music when Mississippi Hill Country artists Jessie Mae Hemphill and fife man Othar Turner made an appearance on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood! Can that be for real??? Was Mr. Rogers ever that cool? More research in order. Anyways, give this guy a listen. He also plays in a band called Gasoline Silver which I'll be exploring next.

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