December 15, 2010

B-Squared Blues Playlist - Dec 14th 2010

This is the playlist for the B-Squared Blues Show on Dec 14th, 2010. Tonight we also explored the rise and fall(?) of the Kings of Leon.

Kings of Leon - Day Old Blues
Blind Alfred Reed - How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Penthouse Pauper
Tequila Funk Experience - You Shook Me
John Lee Hooker - House Rent Boogie
The Black Keys - Tighten Up
Kings of Leon - Dusty
Kings of Leon - Genius
Kings of Leon - Trani
Merry Clayton - Gimme Shelter
Gutbucket Slim - I Gots Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
Elmore James - The Sky is Crying
Gil Scott-Heron - New York is Killing Me
Gil Scott-Heron - Me and the Devil
Mount Carmel - Still Listening
-- Noodle Bowl --
BB King - Blues Boy Tune (Countrymike) vs.  Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun (Ben) -- Winner: Countrymike
Gutbucket Slim - What DaF**k
Junior Kimbell - Tram
Junior Kimbrough - Sad Days and Lonely Nights
Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Pressure Cooker
Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison - Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk

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