March 10, 2010

jon panther 10032010

met with jon panther for a bit today in NICAI courtyard to dissect possible collaboration / performance / action around internet as input into sound composition. harvesting urls containing sound extensions as input into live manipulations; audience control over input variants, tagging, nexts, similar artists. radio playlists. audiences controlling networked clients creating on-the-fly station for input. even with global corporate media's licensing restrictions the 30 second song burst is a perfect metaphor for networked limitations of the antipodes. latency of cultural and economic dependencies.


Unknown said...

mark smith from variations on a theme suggested some links for us: IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique). an institute for research into electro-acoustic music foiunded by Pierre Boulez. It is in the basement of th Pompisou Centre in Paris but has lots of research and tools for people interested in "composition". The web site is but has english pages too.

Unknown said... .... needless to say the interesting "nuts n bolts" stuff has no English translation. How very French....!

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