March 24, 2008

Waiheke Radio gets closer...

Well it's been about 6 months since the Hauraki Hoedown was last on air but thats not to suggest that Country Mike has been just sitting around commiserating the demise of the Beach ... oh no. We decided that we'd just build our own damn station.... enter Waiheke Radio. In the six months since we hatched this idea we've managed to form a Trust with some truly dedicated and intelligent folks on it, yours truly has become a special advisor to the Trust. We've got our first transmitter pole up as well as secured a grant from the local Community Board to pay for the second transmitter. We've gained a community lease on the old premises vacated by Beach FM and given that a once over, we've put in a grant application to the lottery board, and have had 2 public meetings. I've also got the new site running so head on over to for more updates and pics of how its all going. At this pace the Hoedown should be back on air within a couple of months I reckon.

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